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Ch. WFS Lilac Perfection  is British Shorthair male Lilac - silver- tabby-ticked   for SALE  $1200

Now is TICA 2014 best   British Shorthair male Lilac- silver -tabby-ticked!

Born in our cattery, our future stud. On March 8 - 10, 2013  WildFireShine Lilac Perfection  participated in ALLBREED TICA CAT SHOW in New Port Richey, Florida .  WildFireShine Lilac Perfection TICA  best all breed kitten!

Dam: Sabrina of WFS, British Shorthair Queen,color : Chocolate solid

Sire:Simba Vom Flöthbach, British Shorthair, color: chocolate-silver-tab​by-ticked




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Britis lilac girl carrier of cinnamon   Date of Birth 08/25/2014 5 British Shorthair lilac girl carrier of cinnamon available in FL $1200 . TICA  Registered   SBT 082514 R,   BSN  *********38 Dam: Lucy of WFS British Shorthair Queen, color : Сinnamon  …