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Sales Agreement


Breed : ________  Color: _________   Sex:_____  Born:______




Sire:_______________________     Dam: ________________________


Sold to:   ____________________________________________________________________





For the following price or terms: ___________________________________________________





1. Under no circumstances will this cat or kitten be sold, leased or given away, or sold to any pet shop, or research laboratory.


2. This cat or kitten will be kept indoors or in a large, secure outside run and not be allowed to run freely outside.


3. This cat or kitten is being purchased as:     pet_______breeder ________


4. If sold as a pet, the Buyer agrees to neuter or spay this cat within a month and agrees and guarantees that this cat WILL NOT be used for stud or breeding.


5. If sold as a pet, the undersigned Buyer agrees that the Seller has the right to reclaim the above named kitten/cat or receive an additional $1000 for breeder if this cat produces or sires any litters.  Any legal fees incurred in doing so will be paid by the buyer.


6. If this cat or kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated, Purchaser will surrender said cat or kitten to Seller, unconditionally.


7. If sold as a pet, Seller agrees to provide registration papers for kitten/cat upon presentation of a veterinarian’s certificate of neutering and spaying.


8. This kitten cannot be shown without written permission of the Seller.


9. If purchased as a breeder with pick kitten back owed by the Buyer, Seller agrees to provide registration papers for cat or kitten upon presentation of the kitten back.


10. This kitten/cat is being fed Iams Multi-Cat dry food, Royal Canin Baby Cat, canned Natural Balance or Friskies Turkey and Giblets, and a prepared raw chicken meal (Nature’s Variety).





A deposit (holding fee) is placed to hold a particular kitten for a buyer. All holding fees are non-refundable. The goal of our cattery is to place our cats/kittens in loving homes in a timely manner so they may bond with their new family. If a cat/kitten is held specifically for a buyer, a change of mind can quite often jeopardize the chance for that particular kitten to be placed in a home while still at a desirable age. The minimum required amount is two hundred dollars ($300.00) if the kitten is under six weeks of age. At least one half the total purchase price shall be paid at the time the kitten is 8 weeks of age. When the sale of the cat/kitten is consummated, the holding fee shall be applied towards the balance owing on the purchase price.


THE BUYER becomes the owner of said cat/kitten upon Seller’s receipt of ‘Payment in Full’. ‘Payment in Full’ and receipt thereof supersedes a signed Sales Agreement being in the possession of the Seller. ‘Payment in Full’ will be held as a binding agreement to purchase said cat and will be held in lieu of a Sales Agreement being signed by Buyer and returned to the Seller. The cat/kitten will be cared for by the Seller until the arranged shipping date or until Buyer is able to take possession of cat/kitten. This period of care is not to exceed fourteen (14) days from date of sale. In the event this exceeds the time period stated, Buyer agrees to pay board on said cat/kitten at a boarding charge of five dollars ($5.00) per day. Boarding charges are to be paid in full prior to shipping or release of said cat/kitten. In case of inclement weather, preventing safe air shipping, seller agrees to hold cat/kitten at no charge to buyer until weather is suitable to safely ship.




Costs are to be paid by the Buyer, when purchasing a kitten that must be shipped. Cat/kitten can be shipped ‘Freight Collect’ or ‘Prepaid’. If it is necessary to prepay the shipping costs, an estimate will be provided to the Buyer. The Seller at the Buyer’s expense will provide an airline-approved carrier of suitable size, at the cost of $35.00.  A Health Certificate is required (not to exceed 10 days prior to shipping) at the cost of $85.00. Full payment of health certificate and carrier must be paid to the Seller prior to shipping, including shipping costs unless freight is to be ‘Freight Collect’. Specific shipping arrangements will be determined in advance and confirmed to Buyer by Seller, with the cat’s/kitten’s best welfare in mind. This signed agreement must be returned prior to cat/kitten being shipped. 




Vaccinated __________________________

Vaccine used _________________________See Health Record               .


There shall be no refunds of purchase price, shipping charges or other costs. There shall be replacement of the cat/kitten only under the circumstances provided below.


1) This cat or kitten is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of purchase, and the Buyer has four working days to have the cat or kitten examined by a veterinarian for FELV or FIV should the Buyer so desire.  Buyer has three days to report any questionable findings by a veterinarian to the Seller.  If the kitten or cat is found to be medically deficient with an untreatable or life-threatening problem, it will be replaced with another kitten or cat of equal value. The cat or kitten cannot be returned after the guarantee period has expired and/or if it has been exposed to another cat or allowed outside.  The Seller will not replace any cat or kitten that has not received adequate and appropriate care from its new owner. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to provide immediate Veterinary care (at the Buyer’s own expense) to any cat/kitten showing signs of illness or distress and failure to do so will render any guarantee null and void.


2) Under no circumstance is a cat or kitten to be destroyed prior to notification by the Buyer to the Seller. Any cat/kitten for which the Buyer expects replacement must be returned to the Seller (at the Buyer’s expense) so that identity of the cat/kitten can be verified. “Unsound health” shall be defined as any condition which is “life threatening or "incurable” and shall not include curable conditions or infections such as colds, virus, bacterial infections or skin rashes.


3) This cat or kitten is guaranteed against congenital defects for five full years.  Should the cat die within that time as a direct result of a congenital defect, the cat will be replaced ONLY if a licensed vet performs an appropriate necropsy, and a vet’s certificate is provided as proof of cause of death.  WFS  Bengals will replace said kitten/cat with one of equal quality.


THE BUYER assumes responsibility of all expenses incurred in relation to the cat/kitten after said cat/kitten leaves the possession of the Seller, as well as any expense incurred at the request of the Buyer before the cat/kitten leaves possession of the Seller. If for any reason the cat/kitten is returned to the Seller, BUYER agrees to pay all expenses, including shipping costs.




There are no guarantees given on future health, show achievements or reproduction capabilities of kittens/cats sold with breed and/or show rights.  Seller verifies that there are no precluding reasons why a kitten/cat sold with breeding rights should be unable to produce/sire normal litters.  If however, a kitten/cat sold with breeding rights is unable to sire/produce young after two years of age and several breeding attempts with proven, fertile cats, tests will be done at the expense of the new owner to determine fertility.  If testing finds this cat to be sterile, the Seller will replace said kitten/cat with one of equal quality. The said kitten/cat will be returned to the Seller prior to sending a replacement kitten.  Queens are not guaranteed if a proven male does not reside on the premises.  There is no guarantee against pyometra.  The process of breeding is not to be taken lightly, and breeders must take measures to educate themselves on the subject.


No refund or replacement will be given for any cat that has been bred and produced a litter (purebred or otherwise).  If there is a question of whether the cat has been used for breeding, buyer agrees to grant breeder full access to veterinarian and TICA records.


If any reimbursement for an HCM positive cat is to be given, the Buyer must have the cat tested for HCM by a board certified cardiologist prior to starting its breeding career. If the cat is found to be positive, prior to having any kittens, a refund will be given to the buyer.  A report of this test must be sent to the Seller within a week of such examination.  If a cat is bred before testing, all offspring must be sold as pets until the test and a diagnosis of negative is given. If the cat is found to be positive for HCM after breeding and producing kittens, no refunds will be given on the purchase price.


Show cats are sold with the understanding they are free of disqualifiable faults and meet the Breed Standard of Quality.


If this cat is sold as a breeding animal, it is to be offered back to the Seller before spaying or neutering.


Fertility Guarantee is applicable to Show cat/kitten. Please be aware that due to the unfortunate reality of intact, breeding cats being treated like a commodity, instead of being treated like a commitment, we have the following RESTRICTIONS on all intact, unaltered Breeding/Show cats/kittens sold:


1) This kitten may not be resold with breeding rights, and may not be leased or co-owned at any time.  Should the Buyer decide to sell this cat, the cat must be neutered/spayed first and sold as a pet or show alter only.


2) The minimum housing requirement for a Breeder is six feet wide by ten feet long by six feet tall. Under no circumstances may a Breeder be housed in a cage, or in any area under these dimensions as primary living quarters.


3) Breeder males may not stand at outside public stud. Any outside breedings done to any other than the Buyer’s own cats as registered, must be okayed by the Seller in writing.


4) Any kittens produced by a Breeder cat as defined here in this contract must have the following restrictions placed on them, under contract: 1) No offspring of the cat/kitten as sold here as a Breeder/Show cat may be resold, traded, given away or rehomed or placed, intact/unaltered into any other Program or housed on any other premises except their original Buyer’s, and all kittens must be sold under a similar contract as this. 2) ALL pets produced by the Breeder/Show cat/kitten as identified here, must be altered or sold under an altering agreement under contract if going to pet homes. 3) Minimum housing requirements of six feet wide by ten feet long by six feet tall also transferred to any Breeder/Show offspring of the cat/kitten outlined in this contract. 4) Breeder/Show males produced by Breeder/show cats/kittens originally sold here may not stand at public stud unless their Seller gives permission.



If Buyer or Seller commences any legal action as a result of this contract, Buyer agrees that the place of venue for such action shall be New Port Richey FL. Buyer assents to personal jurisdiction within such venue regardless of their place of residence and agrees that any judgment obtained is enforceable within the jurisdiction that they reside in as if obtained within that jurisdiction.



This kitten will receive excessive amounts of tender loving care, will be fed the best possible diet, will receive substantial amounts of entertainment, and will be treated with the utmost respect so that he may realize his full potential.



Buyer’s signature indicates full agreement of all above conditions.








Signature of Seller_________________________________________Date___________________



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